The Endgame Initiative

After fleeing New York, what is left of the group once known as Endgame has scattered into the South Pacific. Forged identities established each of them as a new person, and each knows to maintain a low profile.

This is not the end.

2.5 years have passed since the exodus, and the worldwide situation is not good. The United States has continued on its path of oppression, Evos are carefully monitored. A year ago, a massive explosion in Alaska was reported, and it is assumed by those who know what they're seeing that Ezekial (AKA the Insane Future-Time Cardinal) tried to use the machine he'd been building and something went massively wrong. But no one knows for sure.

This is not the beginning of the end.

Although a few of the group is out on their own (Rebecca in Tokyo, Harmony in complete hiding underground, Aric in Perth, Warren God only knows where but still nearby at times, Elle in the Outback), about half remained close to the homestead that Jaiden owned in the middle of Western Australia. And then one night, everything changed.

It is the end of the beginning.

Richard Cardinal, having landed in the timeline approximately six months before, finally managed to locate where his team dispersed to and get there. Rounding up those people he could find, they brought him to the rest and he arrived on the homestead looking to start over.

The day of opportunity will come; the chance to turn it all around *will* happen. That much we have learned — Time has inertia. Things will get better. Maybe not before they get worse. But it is our job to be ready when the opportunity presents itself, for if we do not take advantage of it, who will?

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Homestead -- Safe Haven

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